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Infused Water Recipes To Keep You Hydrated This Summer

I am really going to be making a big push to drink more water, and to really push myself to stay hydrated. Some of the recipes below I have personally tried, and some of them I will be trying soon. Please be sure to let me know which ones you like […]

Product Review: MIO Liquid Enhancer

As most of you know I have been a HUGE soda drinker over the years, and that is how I gained most of my weight is from soda and not working out. So when I decided to change things in my life I knew one of those big hurdles for me was going to be […]

My Secret to Drinking my Daily Water

Ok I have to admit I hate hate drinking water! It is simply just boring and second I have gotten into the horrible habit of drinking all of my calories in soft drinks so the change to drinking plain old simple water stinks lol. But the benefit I feel is almost immediate. It is amazing […]

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