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@BESociety October 2014 Blogging Challenge Day 2 #BEoctchallenge2014

2. Your favourite way to decorate for fall. Normally I love to decorate for fall but this year between work and my cruise really havent had time lol I have a fall wreath and welcome mat on my front porch and a few fall baskets on my kitchen counter top but […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 14 @BEaugchallenge14

14. Your favorite picture of yourself This is easy I took a photo on Sunday right before church and it was the first photo that I actually saw the weight loss in my face and curves I don’t think I have had since high school returning! This is an exciting time to see all the […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 13 @BEaugchallenge14

13. Show us your favorite Vacation Spot Puerto Vallarta Visit all the bloggers 1.  Fee @ Feeisms.com   6.  Lauren Paints | a beautiful life   11.  K is for Kechell     2.  Angie @ Bypass Princess   7.  Charity @ Love, Music, & Magic   12.  Lainie @ Me, Myself & Baby I     3.  April @ Faith […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 12 @BEaugchallenge14

12. How has having a website and being involved in an online community (like BE) helped your blog? Well first off I love the monthly be challenges it helps to keep our blog fresh with new content and sometimes the questions really make you dig a little deeper. It also helps to showcase the human […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 11 @BEaugchallenge14

11.What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for? I have always said I just want to make a diffrence in the lives of others, if my blog touches someone and they say “Hey I can so relate” or “I need help too” then I will […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 8 @BEaugchallenge14

8. What inspired you to create your blog. what continues to inspire you?   I think I have discussed this before but when I decided to start on my journey I knew that in the past I would start diet fads and in a few days or months I would always quit. So this time […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 7 @BEaugchallenge14

7. When you first log onto the computer what do you normally do,sites you visit etc? Ok I would be lieing to you if I said Facebook was not my very first thing I checked, I love seeing what people are posting and keeping in touch with my friends and family. Then next I would […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 6 @BEaugchallenge14

6. What’s the one luxury you can’t live without? I don’t know if I cannot live without it but I do love to get my nails done as my fingers are so darn short otherwise lol It is one more little pleaseure I really like. Visit all the bloggers 1.  Fee @ Feeisms.com   6.  Lauren […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 5 @BEaugchallenge14

5. Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home. This would of been when my family traveled to Puerto Varta Mexico it was so much fun! I was a teenager at the time and it was a blast. I remeber our first night there our parents tried to have us eat dinner […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 4 @BEaugchallenge14

4. What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? Protein shakes lol I was looking for great recipes so after surgery I had fun ways to dress up my boring old protein shakes without adding a ton of calories found alot of great ones! Such as adding PB2 […]

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