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I Have Fallen, And I Need To Get Back Up

Admit it we have all been there that moment where you have fallen off the dieting or exercising wagon. Well folks I admit I have fallen off that wagon! At least I am being honest, and accountable and admitting it, and at least I have caught myself before it got to […]

#BEjunechallenge – day 5

I’m part of the June Writing Prompts Project it challenges us to write in our blog daily and it is a great way to meet people and social network. You can join us to please follow the link below. #BEJunechallenge #BESociety   What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now? The […]

Coming Out: Deciding Whether Or Not To Tell Your Having WLS Surgery

Alot of people have a difficult decision when it comes to deciding if Weight loss surgery is a option for them and their lifestyle. One of those important decisions is when you have to decide if you hide the fact you are having weight loss surgery or WLS, or whether you come clean and step […]

My Process of Qualifying for Gastric Bypass

Over the past few months I have received several emails and messages wanting to know what all I had to go through to qualify for gastric bypass and how I chose my surgeon and office I would be going through. So in this blog post I wanted to share all the info and how I […]

Getting Prepared for Gastric Bypass Surgery Part 1

I had told everyone on my very first blog post here that I would never sugar coat this process or the surgery I was getting. There was many reasons to this choice the main reason is I am not ashamed or embarrassed that I am seeking out the help of weight loss surgery. Obviously what […]

What your Bathroom Scale Will Not Tell You

So one of the things we have discussed in my support group meetings is how we can tend to obsess over the number on the scale. If the number is not something we were expecting to feel we deserve than we can go into the obsessing part and putting ourselves down. It is viscous circle […]

Getting over the “I can’t do it hurdle”

Over the last few weeks I have gotten messages from people on Facebook asking the same questions so I thought I would address them here. The questions were “How do you motivate yourself to go the gym as often as you go?” and “Aren’t you afraid that people are judging and making fun of you […]

Do you Know the Real Angie Wenke??

Don’t worry I don’t think I know the real Angie Wenke is either! Well today started my first day on my new big journey in life! Just got done with my appointment with my Doctor to get me started on my new diet and my six month journey to a new ANGIE. This blog is […]

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