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Non Scale Victory LInkup #2

So it time for my Non-Scale Victories! If you are not familiar with this term what is means basically is little triumphs that had nothing to do with the scale. Too often times those of us on the quest to loose weight and get healthy concentrate too much on the […]

My Non Scale Victory This Week

For those of you whom may not be familiar with the term “Non Scale Victory” it means that we are more than a number on a scale. And often times we have a victory without maybe a difference in the number on the scale. My Non Scale Victories this week is I own 6 pairs […]

What your Bathroom Scale Will Not Tell You

So one of the things we have discussed in my support group meetings is how we can tend to obsess over the number on the scale. If the number is not something we were expecting to feel we deserve than we can go into the obsessing part and putting ourselves down. It is viscous circle […]

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