The Saggy Truth About Gastric Bypass

So I like to be brutally honest in all of my blog posts because my philosophy is that sometimes people sugar coat things. And if you are thinking of having weight loss surgery it is better that you know the honest truth upfront while you are still in the decision […]

Great Ideas for Excercising at Home

Having a gym membership these days can be to expensive for some household budgets so I was trying to find great exercise tips you can do at home and still burn a few calories. Below is some diagrams of exercises you can do at home with full demonstrations. But there are also exercise ideas for […]

Exercise Ideas or Obese People

If you are like me you may be very over weight and not sure where to start to loosing those pounds, don’t worry we are in the same boat. I am simply going to watch what I eat, cut out soda and sugary drinks completely, and lower my portion size and then be more active. […]

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