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25 Facts About Me You Might Not Know!

 Saw this on someone else blog and thought it was a great way to introduce myself to those whom may not follow me on Facebook, and if you don’t follow me why aren’t you? lol This is a very personal way to introduce myself and tear away the layers of ME! […]

#BEJULYCHALLENGE-DAY 22 @thebesociety

22. Tell us a bit about where you live. So I live in a small town outside St Louis, MO called Swansea, IL. It is small town surronded by other larger towns and about twenty minutes from downtown St Louis. I love it here because you can go from corn fields to the hustle and […]

Friday May 30, Blog Post

So today started off as any other day I got my two hours of water aerobics in, it is amazing how much better I feel for the rest of my day if I just in a little exercise. The bonus of course is that I love my instructors they have become friends of mine, and […]

My Process of Qualifying for Gastric Bypass

Over the past few months I have received several emails and messages wanting to know what all I had to go through to qualify for gastric bypass and how I chose my surgeon and office I would be going through. So in this blog post I wanted to share all the info and how I […]

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