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Getting Myself Out Of My Funk

So you know how it goes we have all been there, you get into what I like to call a FUNK but I am sure a doctor would say a depressive state. Well I have been in one of those since they canceled my surgery and I have gained weight, shocker […]

Weigh In Wednesday

Hello everybody! Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday! So today I had a doctors appointment so I weighed in there, and this is my first official weigh in since May 16th. So on May 16th I weighed in at 291 and today I weighed in at 283 so that is 8 pound difference and 43 pounds since […]

Vlogging 101-Getting Started

Ok so it was suggested by several people that I start vlogging which is a video blogging. Personally I probably should of waited until my dental work was completed as my teeth look bad, but other than that it was a scary and fun thing to do. Please be kind as this is my first […]

Facing Your Fears of the Unknown

Over the last few months I have shared with you all some of my fears I have dealt with over my life of obesity, and there are many. Well last night I conquered yet another fear of mine and it had to do with feeling inadequate and out of place and fearing that I could […]

Smaller Portions made easier

I was in with my dietician this week and she had a great tip that I heard in the past but she took it a step farther. We all know that we have to lower our portion size in order to loose weight, and that is one I personally need to work on. Well dietician […]

Meet my Partner in Crime

OK since I am not able to do a lot of cardio right now I have to start somewhere right? Well I decided on a few options! One of course is walking! LOL And so my partner in crime in this adventure is Chewey lol He is my adorable puppy from my best friend! He […]

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