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31 High Protein Portable Snack Ideas

Whether it’s fueling up before hitting the gym or taking a mid-day snack break to avoid the 2 o’clock lull, high-protein snacks are the tastiest way to keep on going. Protein snacks are the perfect way to fill up just enough, and give us longer-lasting energy than the usual, carb-heavy […]

High Protein Snack Ideas

So with my two new jobs I have been making my lunches and snacks daily because with my super busy schedule I do not have the time to run out and get lunch. Not to mention it is so much cheaper just to make your own food, and the other benefit is that you control […]

Sugar Free Key Lime Pie

Made this for a BBQ I had last weekend and it was so good, and the best part was it was sugar free so easy for me to have! This is a great dessert for when it is hot outside and you don’t want to heat up your house for a tasty dessert enjoy!

Easy Key Lime Pie Recipe

I love cool summer desserts especially when you are tired and hot don’t really feel like cooking and this great recipe just hits the spot.

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