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Gymtimidation and how I got over it

Ok you might be reading this and going huh? Gymtimidation what is that? Well it is a real thing and it basically means that you are nervous or scared to walk into a gym and actually sign up for a membership let alone go and actually work out. Alot of […]

Angie’s Fitness Bucket Lists

So I am working on two new buckets right now they are my Summer bucket list and this is my Fitness bucket lists! They may have a few of the same things on them and that is OK. Have you thought about making your own bucket list so that you can challenge yourself to push […]

Do you Know the Real Angie Wenke??

Don’t worry I don’t think I know the real Angie Wenke is either! Well today started my first day on my new big journey in life! Just got done with my appointment with my Doctor to get me started on my new diet and my six month journey to a new ANGIE. This blog is […]

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