Fat & Naked & Unashamed Project by Time Magazine

For so long I was one of those people who was so ashamed of my body and where I went with my weight gain that I would never feel comfortable ever showing any part of my body. To the point that when I was married I would go to bed […]

Sex after Gastric Bypass

Don’t worry this is not a graphic detail of my sex life, but one of the things that I see so often on Facebook groups and talking to other weight loss patients is does your sex drive change after weight loss surgery. The short answer to this question is YES absolutely and for good reason, […]

Top Reasons I Hate Being Overweight

So along the lines of keeping myself motivating and to remind myself what I am trying to get away from by losing weight, I decided to compile a list of the things I hate about being overweight. In the hopes that I can start checking those things off as I continue to lose weight. What […]

How Being Overweight Impacts your Life

One of things I am finding out as I go along on this journey is how much being obese and overweight has effected my life for the negatitive. Deep down I knew that this was effecting my life but I am not sure I truly realized the extent of it. One of the things I […]

What is your fat protecting you from?

One thing I have learned through this process is how my fat has become like a security blanket warmly wrapping around my body and essentially keeping me hidden from the world. For years I have successfully lived a life of a nomad meaning I have learned to use my fat as  weapon to not get […]

Get to know me, not my fat!

For so many years I would never reach out and get to know people for fear of being “Fat Shamed” or made fun of behind my back. Sounds silly in this day and age that people are still so childish that they discriminate against obese people, but it happens everyday. It even has a name […]

Physical Symptoms of Being Overweight

I told you this blog would be honest, and I want to keep my promise lol OK a lot of people will look at overweight people out in public and judge us, I know it is hard not too. But I wanted to share how being obese affects my life on a daily basis, so […]

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