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Obesity | - Part 2

Spitting Nails or Throwing My TV Out The Window

So last year I wrote a blog post about the series 600 pd life, and how scared I was to even sit down and watch this TV series. This is something I am not proud of especially because I have made online friends with two of the people featured in this show. But when I […]

Depression After Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you have been a victim of depression then you know it is a nasty and unfun time in your life. Doing my research prior to surgery I had read alot about people having depression after having gastric bypass and I have to admit I have fallen victim to that myself. Pretty much I was […]

Great Online Support Groups & Facebook Groups

So while I am always looking for great resources for support and information I figured I would share some great ones here for anyone thinking of having weight loss surgery or those that have had weight loss surgery also. Sparkpeople Weight Watchers T.O.P.S. ObesityHelp Thinner Times Forums Bariatric Pal WLS Boards Bariatric TV Facebook Groups […]

How does ridicule help someone loose weight?

For the last twenty four hours it has been trending on social media about the darn Kardashian and West wedding happening this weekend and unfortunately the other trending topic is how Rob Kardashian has gained so much weight. The headlines have been awful calling him fat, ugly, and so much worse and this got me […]

Get to know me, not my fat!

For so many years I would never reach out and get to know people for fear of being “Fat Shamed” or made fun of behind my back. Sounds silly in this day and age that people are still so childish that they discriminate against obese people, but it happens everyday. It even has a name […]

Physical Symptoms of Being Overweight

I told you this blog would be honest, and I want to keep my promise lol OK a lot of people will look at overweight people out in public and judge us, I know it is hard not too. But I wanted to share how being obese affects my life on a daily basis, so […]

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