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Muffin |

Egg Muffin Recipe

In the mornings I am always looking for great ways to get my protein in! I saw this the other day on Facebook and wanted to try them out!

Things you can do with your rice cooker

Out of all the kitchen appliances that you can purchase the rice cooker has to be the one of the most useful. And no, it’s not just for cooking rice, although it does that quite well and to perfection every single time. While it may be “off label” using your rice cooker to perform other […]

Refreshing Smoothies Recipes

So my best friend Melanie got me a personal blender a couple of weeks ago and I have made a few yummy smoothies, but wanted to share some great recipes I have found that you could try also! If you try any of these let me know your results!! Cucumber Strawberry Chiller Smoothie 1 small […]

Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas

Lately I have been running to the YMCA first thing in the morning to do water aerobics so finding a healthy breakfast option that is fast has become my new challenge. So I wanted to share some good alternatives I have found and might work for you to get still get a healthy breakfast in […]

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