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Crockpot Steelcut Overnight Oatmeal

I love love oatmeal, and steel cut oatmeal I have only used a handful of times. However I love the nuttiness of this form of oatmeal and I love and easy recipe where I can wake up in the morning grab my coffee and have my breakfast ready to go and […]

Almond Joy Protein Shake Recipes

One of my most favorite candies is by far the Almond Joy, with that yummy coconut and dark milk chocolate oh I am in heaven. But with my new healthier lifestyle I don’t want to eat Almond Joy for all the fat and calories, so instead we are going to take that taste and make […]

Caramelized Banana French Toast

For those days we have allowed yourself a few extra calories these would make a yummy addition to your families breakfast. What is better on a weekend morning than a warm plate of French toast? French toast with caramelized bananas of course! Made with eggs, milk and bread, French toast is one of the most […]

Product Review: Special K Cereal Protein Plus

As everyone knows by now I am striving to make sure every meal I am getting the most protein I can, so when at Walmart last week I stumbled across Special K Protein cereal. The box and ingredients boasted that with each bowl of cereal and milk you could get 10 grams of protein, that […]

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