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Great Online Support Groups & Facebook Groups

So while I am always looking for great resources for support and information I figured I would share some great ones here for anyone thinking of having weight loss surgery or those that have had weight loss surgery also. Sparkpeople Weight Watchers T.O.P.S. ObesityHelp Thinner Times Forums Bariatric Pal WLS Boards […]

Pre-Op Testing for Gastric Bypass Surgery

So yesterday was a big  milestone on this journey towards getting my bypass surgery, and for me the day did not go so well but I will discuss that in another post. In this post I would just like to give you the bare facts so if you are contemplating getting weight loss surgery or […]

Weight Loss Surgery is NOT the easy way out

For the last six months I cannot tell you how many times people have given me that ugh look when I tell them I am trying to qualify for weight loss surgery. Or when they tell me are you sure you really want to have gastric bypass surgery after you have lost over thirty pounds, […]

Gastric Bypass-One Year after surgery video series

In  this episode you go on a update of how Tara is doing one year out. Tara has lost 89 pounds and she talks about her food taste and cravings have changed since surgery, she also tells how she is off all of her medications from her health issues she had prior to surgery.

Gastric Bypass-Six Weeks after Surgery Video Series

OK in this video Tara is now 6 months out from her surgery and it gives us a great update on her progress. In this series she really talks about the importance of slowing down eating, and really chewing up your food really well. That if you fail to do so your surgery does make […]

Gastric Bypass-Ten days after Gastric Bypass Video Series

This is a great video because Tara talks about her pain level, her activity level, and what she can now eat ten days out. She also shares how she has to eat very small bites like the size of the end of a eraser on a pencial and she has to chew them very well, […]

Gastric Bypass-Three Days After surgery video Series

This is the second video in this video series. Remember this video may not accurately dipict how surgery will effect you and your doctors orders may be diffrent. But it is a good general outline to give you and idea what you will be experiencing. This video pretty much is a just a account of […]

Getting Prepared for Gastric Bypass Surgery Part 1

I had told everyone on my very first blog post here that I would never sugar coat this process or the surgery I was getting. There was many reasons to this choice the main reason is I am not ashamed or embarrassed that I am seeking out the help of weight loss surgery. Obviously what […]

Why do you have to be so honest?

This was a question I have had asked to me a couple times during the last month, the biggest controversy seems to be why am I admitting that I am trying to qualify for gastric bypass surgery? Well I guess my question is why not tell people the truth, that my weight has gotten out […]

My 600 pound life-Thoughts on Penny

A couple of months ago I started watching the show on TLC called My 600 pound life, and for months I had been afraid to watch it. Wasn’t a hundred percent sure why, but their larger sizes and some of the masses they had on their legs, kind of scared me off from watching the […]

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