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Mason Jar |


Another yummy mason jar recipe, these are so awesome because if you are like me with an extremely busy work week it is nice to prepare your meals on the weekend and have them ready to go for you all week long.

Asian Noodle Salad

Mason Jar salads and overnight oatmeal in mason jars have been so popular over the last few years and this is a another great salad recipe. This Asian Salad recipe offers alot of zest and flavor to your traditional salad recipe.

Sunday June 8th Blog Post

So my intention today was to get the grass cut before the rain came in, and plant some flowers in some flower baskets a friend gave me and maybe take a dip in the pool. Now I am going to let you guess how many of those things I was able to cross of my […]

Overnight Oatmeal perfect on the go breakfast

As everyone knows I am constantly running out the door each morning to make it to make it to  my water aerobics classes on time, and I usually am making a quick smoothie or grabbing a protein bar. But that is not a huge selection or variety for breakfast and then I came across these […]

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