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Popular Apps Great For Weight Loss Surgery Patients-Plant Nanny

So todays app is called the Plant Nanny and if you are into fun games this is the app for you! What this app does is to remind you to get your daily water intake but in a fun game sort of way. As a weight loss surgery patient we […]

Tuesday 10 with @Thebesociety – Favorite Apps #besociety

Today our topic is our 10 favorite apps that we use! Ok I must admit I don’t use a ton of apps but I will do my best! And hopefully people will comment below and let me know your favorite apps that you use on your phones! 1.Facebook-This app of course gets used multiple times […]

Fitbit You Made Me Fall In Love With You Again

Who would of thought that I could fall more in love with my fitbit bracelet, but after yesterday’s update I can honestly say fitbit I love you even more. For the longest time I had been using two apps on a regular basis and recently added a third app, but with this new update I […]

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