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Strawberry and Mint Infused Water Recipe

  So since I am striving hard to only drink zero calorie drinks I realized that I really needed to boost my water intake, but sometimes it is nice to have some flavor to your water so I like to do water infused flavors using fresh fruits and veggies. Yesterday while […]

Almond Joy Protein Shake Recipes

One of my most favorite candies is by far the Almond Joy, with that yummy coconut and dark milk chocolate oh I am in heaven. But with my new healthier lifestyle I don’t want to eat Almond Joy for all the fat and calories, so instead we are going to take that taste and make […]

Blueberry Sorbet that is Sugar free

It is getting warmer and warmer out there and I was looking for tasty treats I could have beside fat free frozen yogurt to help replace ice cream. And found this recipe now you could also switch this up and instead of using blueberries you could use strawberries.

Fun and Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Protein Shakes

My sister was telling me how she spiced up a Kelloggs Vanilla Protein shake the other day and it got me thinking of other ways we could change up our protein shakes. Because after awhile the protein shakes just loose their appeal and it is nice if we can offer some variety while still getting […]

Smoothie Recipes Part 2

Yesterday I shared some great smoothie recipes you could try at home, and today I am sharing part two of these great smoothie recipes and I will have more tomorrow as well! Remember if you try any of these please let us know how they turned out! Green Tea And Spinach Smoothie With Mixed Berries […]

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