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My daily diet after surgery

So I get asked alot what kind of foods are you eating on a daily basis now since surgery. As I have stated before there is a list of things I can add to my diet each week and starting tomorrow I will be starting week 6 and I have […]

Sugar Free Key Lime Pie

Made this for a BBQ I had last weekend and it was so good, and the best part was it was sugar free so easy for me to have! This is a great dessert for when it is hot outside and you don’t want to heat up your house for a tasty dessert enjoy!

Blueberry Sorbet that is Sugar free

It is getting warmer and warmer out there and I was looking for tasty treats I could have beside fat free frozen yogurt to help replace ice cream. And found this recipe now you could also switch this up and instead of using blueberries you could use strawberries.

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