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Gastric Dumping Syndrome |

Common Food Issues After Weight Loss Surgery

One of the important things I learned after having weight loss surgery, is that there is many foods that I can no longer tolerate. Many will find that after weight loss surgery there are certain foods that you can either no longer eat, or if eaten these things it can cause […]

Weight Loss Surgery is NOT the easy way out

For the last six months I cannot tell you how many times people have given me that ugh look when I tell them I am trying to qualify for weight loss surgery. Or when they tell me are you sure you really want to have gastric bypass surgery after you have lost over thirty pounds, […]

My Process of Qualifying for Gastric Bypass

Over the past few months I have received several emails and messages wanting to know what all I had to go through to qualify for gastric bypass and how I chose my surgeon and office I would be going through. So in this blog post I wanted to share all the info and how I […]

Some Permant Changes After Surgery

For the last few months I have done a ton of research online to make sure that gastric bypass or weight loss surgery in general was for me. Part of that journey was reading tons and tons of inspiring blogs of women and men whom were in the process like me of having gastric bypass […]

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