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Gastric Bypass | - Part 2

Sex after Gastric Bypass

Don’t worry this is not a graphic detail of my sex life, but one of the things that I see so often on Facebook groups and talking to other weight loss patients is does your sex drive change after weight loss surgery. The short answer to this question is YES absolutely and for good reason, […]

Spitting Nails or Throwing My TV Out The Window Part 2

So as stated in my last blog post I was watching a recent update on the second year after surgery on Penny, and I have to secretly admit I was praying Penny had changed and I would be crying tears of joy at her progress. Sadly that is not the case, it starts out with […]

Spitting Nails or Throwing My TV Out The Window

So last year I wrote a blog post about the series 600 pd life, and how scared I was to even sit down and watch this TV series. This is something I am not proud of especially because I have made online friends with two of the people featured in this show. But when I […]

Garlic and Tomato Tilapia

So Lisa and I have been wanting to try new recipes to really motivate us to keep on a healthier track of eating. Fish is one of the things I have yet be able to eat but I am happy to say not only did it stay down but it tasted amazing I loved this […]

#‎BEseptchallenge2014-Day 1

#BEseptchallenge2014, #BEsociety Today’s Question: 1. It’s the start of a new month, what do you hope to achieve by the end of the month? Well as many people know I had Gastric Bypass last month so my hope is to loose more weight before I go on my cruise on Sept 20th it sucks having […]

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