I’ve Come So Far—-A Celebration of Me

Sometimes looking over my journey over the last three years still brings tears to my eyes! One of the things I can honestly say is boy have I come so far. Only three years ago I made the decision to change my life forever and have gastric bypass surgery and […]

Surround Yourself With Love, And You Can Conquer Anything

When I look at how far I have come in three years time it absolutely amazes me. Not only have I lost 170 lbs, but I have gained so many friends and now new family by getting married. This may not seem like huge milestones, but for a woman who was stuck in her house […]

Explaining What A Slider Food Is For WLS Patients

If you have had weight loss surgery then I am sure you have heard the term “Slider Foods”. But what exactly is a slider food, why should we avoid them? Slider foods are often convenience foods or foods that are loaded with salt or calories that offer no nutritional benefit to keep us feeling full. […]


OK before you think I am being conceited, hear me out. For most of my 43 years of life I have felt like a waste of space, like nothing I said or did mattered to anyone, that I was unlovable. So a year and half ago when I really started working on myself the first […]

Great Tips for Eating Out After Gastric Bypass

So when I first started eating out after surgery I would literally do my research before I went to the restaurant to make sure there were healthy options I could eat there. Some of the hardest things when eating out is finding a low calorie option that you an tolerate especially if you are going […]

25 Facts About Me You Might Not Know!

 Saw this on someone else blog and thought it was a great way to introduce myself to those whom may not follow me on Facebook, and if you don’t follow me why aren’t you? lol This is a very personal way to introduce myself and tear away the layers of ME! The Not So Interesting […]

Being Thankful For The Little Things

So yesterday started out awesome I met my sister in St Louis at a park called Laumier Park it was a wonderful huge park filled with tons of huge sculptures all over it. We went for a two mile hike up and down hills, it was a great workout and great way to start off […]

Facing the Dreaded Plateau After Gastric Bypass

So when I started on this weight loss journey I started out at 328 lbs. This was at the start of my journey since that day I have dropped down to 184 pds and stayed within 4 pds of that weight since I met my boyfriend seven months ago. I had heard all the horror […]

Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Bypass Surgery

One of the things that will really change after having weight loss surgery is your tolerance of any alcoholic drinks. This is a question I get asked alot “Can I drink again after surgery?” or “When can I drink again after surgery?”. The simple answer is YES you can drink again after having gastric bypass […]

The Saggy Truth About Gastric Bypass

So I like to be brutally honest in all of my blog posts because my philosophy is that sometimes people sugar coat things. And if you are thinking of having weight loss surgery it is better that you know the honest truth upfront while you are still in the decision making process. The truth of […]

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