Interview With Robert: Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery

So today I am thrilled to share an interview I did with a local gastric bypass patient and friend Robert. Robert’s Mother and I have been Facebook friends for years and I had heard a little bit about his own personal journey but was thrilled that I could interview him and learn even more. Recently […]

Understanding Head Hungry and Real Hunger

So when you undergo Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass surgery your new stomach is now referred to as a pouch, because your stomach is now much much smaller than that of an average person. In the beginning it is very easy to read your new pouch and know when you are full, but when you […]

600 Lb Life: Truth Hits Close to Home

On tonight’s episode we were introduced to Brittani, she was a reminder of myself in so many ways. The reason I watch this show faithfully is because it is a great reminder of where I was, and in some aspect it also shows struggles I still have in my journey of weight loss. Even though […]

Losing a Friend To Transfer Addiction: The Reality of Weight Loss Surgery

On my blog I have talked a little bit about the effects of transfer addiction and how this is something that everyone who is thinking of having weight loss surgery or have had the surgery should be aware of. The definition of transfer addiction is replacing your food addiction after having surgery with another addiction […]

The Pitfalls of Dating After Gastric Bypass

So one of the things I am known for is being brutally honest in my blog. So why change now lol. As most of you know I have been a relationship with my guy Larry for over seven months now and for the most part things have been going awesome. But along with the relationship […]

One Year Post Gastric Bypass, Any Regrets?

So one of the questions I get asked alot either on Facebook, Twitter or in person is now that you are one year out post gastric bypass surgery do you have any regrets? The honest answer is “No” because my life is 100 times happier, more energetic and fulfilling. But along with all the great […]

Spitting Nails or Throwing My TV Out The Window Part 2

So as stated in my last blog post I was watching a recent update on the second year after surgery on Penny, and I have to secretly admit I was praying Penny had changed and I would be crying tears of joy at her progress. Sadly that is not the case, it starts out with […]

Spitting Nails or Throwing My TV Out The Window

So last year I wrote a blog post about the series 600 pd life, and how scared I was to even sit down and watch this TV series. This is something I am not proud of especially because I have made online friends with two of the people featured in this show. But when I […]

Brrr it’s cold-a side effect of rapid weight loss

So luckily my good friends who have had weight loss surgery warned me that afterwards I would find myself cold all the time, boy were they right. During the daytime I tend to bundle up in my favorite hoodies and thick socks and sweat pants just to get warm and this is just the fall, […]

Depression After Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you have been a victim of depression then you know it is a nasty and unfun time in your life. Doing my research prior to surgery I had read alot about people having depression after having gastric bypass and I have to admit I have fallen victim to that myself. Pretty much I was […]

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