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VPX Watermelon Meltdown-Product Review

So during my six month diet that I had to do for my surgery approval I was always trying to find something that would give me a boost of energy without making me crash like caffeine does. One of the things about being obese is that we are always tired […]

Blueberry Sorbet that is Sugar free

It is getting warmer and warmer out there and I was looking for tasty treats I could have beside fat free frozen yogurt to help replace ice cream. And found this recipe now you could also switch this up and instead of using blueberries you could use strawberries.

Sausage Scramble for Breakfast

My ex husband always to use to make this for my kids and they loved it, so I adapted for myself by changing the sausage to turkey sausage to make it healthier.

Not Your Ordinary Scrambled Eggs

A great way to spice up your eggs, especially if you are like me and trying to get more protein in at every meal. This eggs are heavy in fresh spices and herbs and a little heat, great way to get your morning going before work.

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