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Ways to Learn To Love Your Body Again

My body went from obese and full of fat rolls to alot less fat and now I deal with loose and hanging skin. So the question becomes how do you go from hating your body to learning to love your new body. The honest answer is it is not easy. Hating […]

Learning to LOVE yourself again

Can you remember the last time you looked into the mirror and really appreciated yourself for what you saw looking back at you? For many people whom struggle with weight and obesity this is a unfamiliar and hard thing to deal with. Too often we look into the mirror and hate the image staring back […]

Love, Happiness, Laziness and My Truth

So for the last few months I have been living in a sea of denial and love. Don’t get me wrong I love being in a relationship but along with with my new found love, comes the hardest truth I feared has come true. From the beginning I had been aware that when people first […]

Dining Out after Gastric Bypass

So one of the things that I have found so hard after surgery is being able to eat out and not feel guilty that I cannot eat everything on my plate, and then not feel guilty for throwing it away. My boyfriend Larry loves to eat out he is what I would call a foodie. […]

What is your fat protecting you from?

One thing I have learned through this process is how my fat has become like a security blanket warmly wrapping around my body and essentially keeping me hidden from the world. For years I have successfully lived a life of a nomad meaning I have learned to use my fat as  weapon to not get […]

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