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Explaining What A Slider Food Is For WLS Patients

If you have had weight loss surgery then I am sure you have heard the term “Slider Foods”. But what exactly is a slider food, why should we avoid them? Slider foods are often convenience foods or foods that are loaded with salt or calories that offer no nutritional benefit […]

Dating After Weight Loss Surgery

So you have lost tons of weight and you are feeling amazing about yourself, should you jump on the dating bandwagon and dip your toes in? The answer is YES, if you go into the dating scene with your eyes wide open. When I started dating at the first of last year it was all […]

Fat & Naked & Unashamed Project by Time Magazine

For so long I was one of those people who was so ashamed of my body and where I went with my weight gain that I would never feel comfortable ever showing any part of my body. To the point that when I was married I would go to bed ALWAYS with a Tshirt and […]

Facing the Dreaded Plateau After Gastric Bypass

So when I started on this weight loss journey I started out at 328 lbs. This was at the start of my journey since that day I have dropped down to 184 pds and stayed within 4 pds of that weight since I met my boyfriend seven months ago. I had heard all the horror […]

One Year Post Gastric Bypass, Any Regrets?

So one of the questions I get asked alot either on Facebook, Twitter or in person is now that you are one year out post gastric bypass surgery do you have any regrets? The honest answer is “No” because my life is 100 times happier, more energetic and fulfilling. But along with all the great […]

Update on my weight loss and surgery

So it has been almost two months since my surgery can you believe it? While it has been a huge challenge eating I don’t regret anything! Currently the issues I am having is the food I am suppose to be able to eat I can’t, I have a sensitive pouch as they say. I also […]

My daily diet after surgery

So I get asked alot what kind of foods are you eating on a daily basis now since surgery. As I have stated before there is a list of things I can add to my diet each week and starting tomorrow I will be starting week 6 and I have two more weeks of this […]

Update on my first month since surgery

So I realize I have been neglectful by not updating my blog with a current update, but on that same note it has not been as easy month by any means. So starting from the beginning the first week was rough, between being sore and always been filled with gas from the surgery it was […]

#BEJULYCHALLENGE14-DAY 17 Currently reading: @thebesociety

17. Currently reading? So this one is easy the book I am currently reading is for my support group and it is called Mindless eating by Brian Wansink and this is an awesome book if you are like me and use food to deal with your emotions. In this book he shows you how often […]

I Have Fallen, And I Need To Get Back Up

Admit it we have all been there that moment where you have fallen off the dieting or exercising wagon. Well folks I admit I have fallen off that wagon! At least I am being honest, and accountable and admitting it, and at least I have caught myself before it got to bad. After my call […]

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