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Brrr it’s cold-a side effect of rapid weight loss

So luckily my good friends who have had weight loss surgery warned me that afterwards I would find myself cold all the time, boy were they right. During the daytime I tend to bundle up in my favorite hoodies and thick socks and sweat pants just to get warm and […]

Depression After Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you have been a victim of depression then you know it is a nasty and unfun time in your life. Doing my research prior to surgery I had read alot about people having depression after having gastric bypass and I have to admit I have fallen victim to that myself. Pretty much I was […]

My daily diet after surgery

So I get asked alot what kind of foods are you eating on a daily basis now since surgery. As I have stated before there is a list of things I can add to my diet each week and starting tomorrow I will be starting week 6 and I have two more weeks of this […]

Update on my first month since surgery

So I realize I have been neglectful by not updating my blog with a current update, but on that same note it has not been as easy month by any means. So starting from the beginning the first week was rough, between being sore and always been filled with gas from the surgery it was […]

Smaller Portions made easier

I was in with my dietician this week and she had a great tip that I heard in the past but she took it a step farther. We all know that we have to lower our portion size in order to loose weight, and that is one I personally need to work on. Well dietician […]

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