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Learning To Forgive Yourself

This has probably been the hardest part of my journey of weight loss, is learning to forgive myself. Bottom line we gained the weight for many reasons, most of them probably painful and hurtful. But learning to forgive ourselves is the biggest step we can make in our journey to […]

Ways to Learn To Love Your Body Again

My body went from obese and full of fat rolls to alot less fat and now I deal with loose and hanging skin. So the question becomes how do you go from hating your body to learning to love your new body. The honest answer is it is not easy. Hating your body is very […]

When Bad Habits Creep Back In After Weight Loss

I will be the first to admit that with getting back into the swing of life and work and a new love, it is easy to let those old bad habits creep back into our lives. We all fall victim to this in some sort or fashion and it is the one thing as weight […]

Day one of Liquid Diet

So I have to admit I am VERY nervous about this liquid diet because I have heard horror stories! I was told the third day is the worst luckily that is Father’s Day and I will be busy with a one mile run with my nephew and sister and then a get together at a […]

12 Tips to Shed Pounds (Great tips)

Again I found  this little gem online and it is from PositiveMed and it has some great tips that I wanted to share. Figure it would be great for you to print off and put in your wallet or on your fridge to help keep you on track.

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