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Facing the Dreaded Plateau After Gastric Bypass

So when I started on this weight loss journey I started out at 328 lbs. This was at the start of my journey since that day I have dropped down to 184 pds and stayed within 4 pds of that weight since I met my boyfriend seven months ago. I […]

I Have Fallen, And I Need To Get Back Up

Admit it we have all been there that moment where you have fallen off the dieting or exercising wagon. Well folks I admit I have fallen off that wagon! At least I am being honest, and accountable and admitting it, and at least I have caught myself before it got to bad. After my call […]

12 Tips to Shed Pounds (Great tips)

Again I found  this little gem online and it is from PositiveMed and it has some great tips that I wanted to share. Figure it would be great for you to print off and put in your wallet or on your fridge to help keep you on track.

Product Review: My Fitness Pal App

Along my journey of losing weight I am trying very hard to make sure I get some excercise in, which right now I am not able to do alot so I have to then make sure I am watching what I eat. At first I was going to write down everything I eat into a […]

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