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Crockpot Steelcut Overnight Oatmeal

This is a easy to make breakfast option especially if you are like me and you find yourself running out the door every morning for work just grabbing a banana or granola bar. You can take five minutes out of your night before you head to bed to set up your […]

High Protein Snack Ideas

So with my two new jobs I have been making my lunches and snacks daily because with my super busy schedule I do not have the time to run out and get lunch. Not to mention it is so much cheaper just to make your own food, and the other benefit is that you control […]

Chobani Key Lime Crumble-Product Review

So as a lot of my friends know I am not a big fan of plain Greek yogurt, I personally find the taste to be on the too sweet side and the constancy of Greek yogurt is not for  me. But no one can deny that Greek yogurt is good for  you and also a […]

Quick Protein Bars Recipe (All Natural!)

Ok here is another great video featuring Protein Bars but again full disclaimer my favorite part was watching him eat the protein bars with whip cream on them! OH LORD he is cute and I might even try these recipes he has a ton of them and the best part is that are chocked full […]

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