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BeJune Challenge |

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 3 @BEaugchallenge14

3. What would you say to the first person who broke your heart? This one is simple it was a Bad Boy type from Junior high to High school and his name was Tad Stutzman lol I thought he was best thing since sliced bread. And of course he was […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 2 @BEaugchallenge14

2. What was your first website(what was it about, etc)? My very first website was called Heartland Graphics and it was the start of my clipart business I had it in business for about seven years before I moved onto to my current website Resale Clipart. Visit all the bloggers     1.  Fee @ […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 1 @BEaugchallenge14

1. If you could go back in time 10 years would you change anything/warn yourself of things to come? This one is pretty easy for me I would warn myself to stop smoking, stop drinking soda and start getting out of the house and face your fears. For too long I was in a abusive […]

#BEJULYCHALLENGE-DAY 23 @thebesociety

23. What is your favorite fashion accessory right now? Ok this is easy lol Since my hair is so short I love to put pretty flower barrettes I am actually trying to collect them in a variety of colors. So that I have a pretty flower that I can wear on a daily basis to […]

#BEJULYCHALLENGE-DAY 22 @thebesociety

22. Tell us a bit about where you live. So I live in a small town outside St Louis, MO called Swansea, IL. It is small town surronded by other larger towns and about twenty minutes from downtown St Louis. I love it here because you can go from corn fields to the hustle and […]

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