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Bariatric Friendly Recipes |

Balsamic Chicken Bake

This is a easy to make meal that is full of serious flavor, with a Italian flair. If you are in a hurry from a long day at work this will only take 10 minutes to prepare and 40 ,inutes to have a healthy and flavorful meal in a jiffy.

Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Breasts

Who doesn’t love buffalo chicken? This is a great and quick alternative to those buffalo chicken wings we all love! But this is a healthier option by choosing low fat and low calorie ingredients you can tailor to suit your dietary needs and still get the yummy taste of your beloved buffalo wings!

LOW-CARB Chicken and Bacon Casserole

Broccoli and Chicken and Bacon do I need to say more? I love yummy tasty recipes that are so easy to make and this one is a winner for sure! Great for nights when you are tired and just getting home from work! If you try it let me know if you liked it!

Creamy Cucumber Salad

This is a yummy and easy recipe to incorporate in your summer cooking. This is a perfect dish to take to a BBQ or picnic

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