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Barbecue Chicken |

Lime Chicken with Rainbow Peppers and Broccoli

For this recipe, you will need a few simple ingredients: 4 boneless chicken breasts (no skin and preferably organic) 3 Limes A rainbow of peppers from orange and red to green and yellow Again, marinating this the night before will work wonders with the flavors of the lime and the chicken. […]

Lemon Chicken Spinach and Rice Recipe

The wonderful thing about this recipe is that you can make it the night before. The more you marinate the chicken, the better the flavor will be when you cook it the next day. You will need to adjust the recipe according to your family size, of course, but here is the basic recipe: Other […]

New Yummy Salads From Wendys

All weekend I have been fighting off a sinus infection and today I just wanted something light and easy for lunch so I stopped by Wendy’s and saw they had added two new delicious salads. Wendy’s tends to have awesome salads and I always love the variety they offer, but remember those salads can have […]

Garlic & Tomato Chicken

My girlfriend and I made these on Sunday afternoon and these were so delicious and the best part is that you using fresh ingredients to great a mouthwatering incredible taste, and they were so easy to make. We were also able to reheat them for lunch the next day and they were just as juicy […]

Oven-fried Herb Chicken

I will be looking for yummy recipes that are EASY to make and sound delish and sharing them here!! Let me know if you try any and if you liked it! Also a good thing I have tried and LOVE IT is you can also add crushed Kelloggs Special K cereal to the bread crumb […]

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