Chocolate Java Protein Shake For On The GO!!

Over the last few months I have been looking for healthy protein smoothie ideas that I could pre-package for us to take on the truck. Something I could put into freezer ziplock bags and make easy healthy meals for us on the GO and below is some great recipes I found! If you have one […]

My CDL School Adventure

So as I explained in my last blog post I set out on a crazy adventure to get my CDL License, so that I could go over the road with my husband and we could save up for our retirement. Well getting my license was the biggest battle of my life, more so than losing […]

Big Life Changes-New Home

So sorry I have not written in awhile as with anyone life can get in the way! Well lots of big news happening and I wanted to share it with everyone. As most of my readers know my new hubby is a truck driver. About 6 months ago we were approached by his boss and […]

Dear Obesity—You will Never Control Me Again

Dear Obesity: I first met you in my early twenties, after becoming a young mom married to a alcoholic, and that my dear friend is when you showed up in my life. You were a friend I had hoped I would never meet, or have to deal with for almost twenty years of my adult […]

I’ve Come So Far—-A Celebration of Me

Sometimes looking over my journey over the last three years still brings tears to my eyes! One of the things I can honestly say is boy have I come so far. Only three years ago I made the decision to change my life forever and have gastric bypass surgery and start LIVING my life for […]

Great Site for Bariactic Recipes

While doing some research for my blog I stumbled across this great website it is full of flavorful and healthy recipes that have been tailored to suit our eating habits. This site is dedicated to recipes geared towards weight loss patients with the need of  a high protein and healthy meal ideas. Gave me tons […]

My Beef with 600 Lb Life

As most of you know I am huge supporter and fan of the TV Series on TLC Called My 600 lb. Life. For me this show is a great reminder of what my life was like before weight loss surgery. Because so often in life we are so busy living our lives that I think […]

High Protein Snack Ideas-Healthy and EASY

I am always looking for great healthy snacks to include in my meal planning for work, especially when I am gone for 10 hours a day I need great easy to grab and healthy snack options. These are easy snack ideas you can prepare on Sunday to get ready for the week and then you […]

Getting Food Stuck After Gastric Bypass Surgery

I am sure we have all been in this uncomfortable and at times painful situation. You are out with family or friends and all of sudden you realize you cannot swallow that last bite of food because you just felt that sharp pain in your stomach and you realize you have food stuck. This is […]

Relationships after Gastric Bypass and the Pitfalls

So as most of you know I am madly in love with my new husband or as my kids say “mushly” in love with him. It’s true we are very mushy, we hold hands and kiss all the time we don’t care who is around. The best way I can describe it is, feels like […]

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