Throwback Thursday-7/24/14-@thebesociety

Its Throwback time! Cant wait to see what delights your will show this week.   <div align=”center”><a href=”” title=”KinkyCherries”><img src=”” alt=”KinkyCherries” style=”border:none;” /></a></div> Rules of the linky: Post a picture that is older than 1 year, and write a little blurb about it. Link up your post. Feel free to grab […]

Non Scale Victories 7/24/14

So this week my Non Scale Victories were pretty good! So Yesterday I went out to eat twice lol Unusual for me but we thought it was  my last night before I had to start my liquid diet and so I went to lunch with my daughter and then dinner with my friend and her […]

Weigh In Wednesday

So today was easy because I had my doctors appointment so I was able to weigh in at the office. Weighing In Height: 5’2″ SW: 326 Last week: Didn’t weigh myself lol This week: 284 Change: -42 Total Loss: -42 lbs

Portion Sizes and Healthy Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

So in my support group last night the topic was portion sizes and how when we are eating normally we tend to eat several portions without even knowing it. One of the examples she used was to eat on a smaller plate, by doing so you are more likely to eat the right portion sizes […]

Product Review:Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy

So yesterday while out shopping I decided I needed some cereal to get me through this week, I normally eat oatmeal but this week I wanted something with a little crunch. That is when I saw this cereal on the end cap, and normally I do not buy off the end cap but this cereal […]

Non Scale Victory LInkup #2

So it time for my Non-Scale Victories! If you are not familiar with this term what is means basically is little triumphs that had nothing to do with the scale. Too often times those of us on the quest to loose weight and get healthy concentrate too much on the number on the scale that […]

My Reasons To Loose Weight

So since I am not a 100% sure that I will have weight loss surgery I have been trying to come up with ways to keep myself motivated to keep going and not verve off track. So one of those ways I figured would be make a list that I could print off and use […]

Wordless Wednesday

for more info about BE Society you can check us out on our site and come by and join up on our facebook group if you want to( the link to our FB group is on the right sidebar of the BE blog!) We would love to have you ! My Nephew Cole Hiding from […]

Weigh In Wednesday

Hello everybody! Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday! So today I had a doctors appointment so I weighed in there, and this is my first official weigh in since May 16th. So on May 16th I weighed in at 291 and today I weighed in at 283 so that is 8 pound difference and 43 pounds since […]

Our NEW Motivational Quotes #7

I absolutely LOVE motivational quotes alot of times I will print them off and put them on my walls in my office to inspire me. Sometimes that is all that keeps me going at times. So we are now making some for you to share and enjoy!

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