My CDL School Adventure

So as I explained in my last blog post I set out on a crazy adventure to get my CDL License, so that I could go over the road with my husband and we could save up for our retirement. Well getting my license was the biggest battle of my […]

Creative Ways to Get Your Steps In

So everyone knows I love my fitbit however I am afraid it might be on it’s last legs lol But I was looking for creative ways to get more steps in since I work an office job that requires alot of sitting at my desk! And I wanted to share some creative ways to help […]

Fitbit is the best Company @fitbit

For the last three years I have been a loyal Fitbit user and fan of the company and today just proved why. In March of last year Larry bought me a new Fitbit to replace the one I had for two years that quit on me, and recently my battery will not keep a charge […]

Would You Have Gastric Bypass Again?

By far this is the number one question I get asked from people whom are interested in possibly having weight loss surgery themselves. My answer every-time to this question is a resounding YES!!! The reason everyone chooses to have gastric bypass is different for everyone, mine was simple it was to save my life, and […]

Infused Water Recipes To Keep You Hydrated This Summer

I am really going to be making a big push to drink more water, and to really push myself to stay hydrated. Some of the recipes below I have personally tried, and some of them I will be trying soon. Please be sure to let me know which ones you like and have tried. And […]

From Being Over 300 Pounds and Invisible, To Being Visible

One of the best parts I thought of being overweight was people not wanting to be near you, not being drawn to your personality, or your looks. When out in public I could of been invisible it was like I was wearing a invisible cloak where no one could see me. The truth was people […]

Ways to Learn To Love Your Body Again

My body went from obese and full of fat rolls to alot less fat and now I deal with loose and hanging skin. So the question becomes how do you go from hating your body to learning to love your new body. The honest answer is it is not easy. Hating your body is very […]


OK before you think I am being conceited, hear me out. For most of my 43 years of life I have felt like a waste of space, like nothing I said or did mattered to anyone, that I was unlovable. So a year and half ago when I really started working on myself the first […]

I Dare You……..To Take My Challenge!!!

I am sure alot of people are like me wearing clothes a little baggy to hide my love handles and flabby tummy, or trying to hide your imperfections. We tend to be so hard on ourselves more so than anyone else in our lives. How often do YOU make choices in your life such as […]

Set 10 Goals in 2016: Make This The Best Year Yet

Say POSITIVE things about Yourself everyday, no matter how small, or no matter hard this may be at first. It will get easier as your self esteem builds. FORGIVE yourself for your past mistakes. This is a NEW year, do not hold onto your past mistakes and make them part of your new year. Set […]

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