Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Chocolate Pretzel Bar Product Review #NatureValley

Ok so anyone that knows me knows like I love my chocolate, but I what I really like is the combination of both sweet and salty. So when I was at my local Schnucks grocery store I was so excited to the see the new sweet & salty lines of […]

Product Review-New Cheerios Protein Cereals

So I saw at Walmart a few weeks ago that General Mills had two new cereals on the market that were being sold as Cheerios Protein Cereals. So being of course a pre-op patient whom is going to really have to push her protein intake this peeked my interest. But the truth is when you […]

Fitbit You Made Me Fall In Love With You Again

Who would of thought that I could fall more in love with my fitbit bracelet, but after yesterday’s update I can honestly say fitbit I love you even more. For the longest time I had been using two apps on a regular basis and recently added a third app, but with this new update I […]

Product Review:Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy

So yesterday while out shopping I decided I needed some cereal to get me through this week, I normally eat oatmeal but this week I wanted something with a little crunch. That is when I saw this cereal on the end cap, and normally I do not buy off the end cap but this cereal […]

VPX Watermelon Meltdown-Product Review

So during my six month diet that I had to do for my surgery approval I was always trying to find something that would give me a boost of energy without making me crash like caffeine does. One of the things about being obese is that we are always tired and so getting motivated to […]

Chobani Key Lime Crumble-Product Review

So as a lot of my friends know I am not a big fan of plain Greek yogurt, I personally find the taste to be on the too sweet side and the constancy of Greek yogurt is not for  me. But no one can deny that Greek yogurt is good for  you and also a […]

Product Review: Trader Joe’s Steelcut Oatmeal Frozen

Ok a few weeks I discovered Trader Joe’s Grocery store which is amazing in my humble opinion, and on one of my trips I noticed they sold Steel cut Oatmeal in the freezer section. Being new to the steel cut oats trend I was not sure how to cook them, however I had heard they […]

Product Review: Fitbit Flex Bracelet

For the last month and half or so I have been posting photos of my fitbit flex screenshots showing you how far I have come each week, and showing my accomplishments. During this time I have received tons of messages about what exactly fitbit is, and how you get it, and what I think of […]

Product Review: MIO Liquid Enhancer

As most of you know I have been a HUGE soda drinker over the years, and that is how I gained most of my weight is from soda and not working out. So when I decided to change things in my life I knew one of those big hurdles for me was going to be […]

Product Review: Special K Cereal Protein Plus

As everyone knows by now I am striving to make sure every meal I am getting the most protein I can, so when at Walmart last week I stumbled across Special K Protein cereal. The box and ingredients boasted that with each bowl of cereal and milk you could get 10 grams of protein, that […]

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