Great tips to get you grilling healthy this year

With the weather starting to turn warmer it is time to start up that grill and start enjoying some tasty foods. But part of our new lifestyle of living healthier is making better food choices so today I was going to share some great tips for grilling healthier this year. […]

Fun and Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Protein Shakes

My sister was telling me how she spiced up a Kelloggs Vanilla Protein shake the other day and it got me thinking of other ways we could change up our protein shakes. Because after awhile the protein shakes just loose their appeal and it is nice if we can offer some variety while still getting […]

New Yummy Salads From Wendys

All weekend I have been fighting off a sinus infection and today I just wanted something light and easy for lunch so I stopped by Wendy’s and saw they had added two new delicious salads. Wendy’s tends to have awesome salads and I always love the variety they offer, but remember those salads can have […]

The Learning Curve of Salt

Over the last two months I feel like everyday I am being overwhelmed with so much new information I am learning, from items I can eat or should eat to items I should not. How protein is so important if you wanting to loose weight, and especially important if you are considering bariatic surgery. Counting […]

Things you can do with your rice cooker

Out of all the kitchen appliances that you can purchase the rice cooker has to be the one of the most useful. And no, it’s not just for cooking rice, although it does that quite well and to perfection every single time. While it may be “off label” using your rice cooker to perform other […]

My Thoughts On Biggest Loser Finale

To start off this article I have to admit that this season I did not watch the show, I normally do not miss a season but this year I just seemed busy all the time and did miss the show. The other morning however I woke up to the controversy all over the internet about […]

Healthy Cooking With Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices are new to me, as I have not used alot while creating and cooking dishes and I am really learning about them and enjoying experimenting. One of the joys of cooking has to do with the wonderful smells that come from your kitchen and flow throughout the house. Cooking with herbs and […]

Healthy Family Cooking Ideas

Nothing is better than a home cooked meal to make a family come together. But, cooking together is even more fun. Getting the kids involved with preparing meals can go far in teaching cooperation, nutrition, and budgeting skills to the entire family. Once a child is old enough to start helping, enlist their help and […]

Five Apps To Help With Meal Planning

Meal planning is a chore a lot of us don’t like to do, though we do it anyway because we know that we’ll save money, reduce waste, and our waist line. Menu planning keeps families eating together on a nightly basis, which cuts down on problems many teenagers face such as poor grades, using drugs, […]

Eat Better With Meal Planning

Meal planning can help a family with many things, such as a busy schedule, a small budget, and even dietary concerns. Plus, having regular family meals together, at the table, is an important aspect of bonding. Studies show that teenagers, especially, who eat at the table as often as possible with their parents get better […]

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