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Learning to Let The Baby Fly

So tomorrow is a huge and emotional day for me, and one I pray I get through with some dignity left. Tomorrow my baby is heading off for college and living at the dorms, she will only be 40 minutes away from me but that is still too far for me. My heart is literally […]

Gastric Bypass-The Ugly Truth

Sometimes when people start dabbling into the idea of having gastric bypass surgery for themselves they tend to look at the surgery through rose colored glasses. While the surgery itself can be a lifesaver if you do your part, it also has a costly side effect that remains for life and you need to be […]

Tuesday 10 with @thebesociety -Places around the world you’d like to visit

So every Tuesday we have a theme where you name ten things and this week it is Places around the world you’d like to visit: Egypt– I would love to see the Pyramids and I just love mummies bring on the sand! Australia– would love to go down under and see kangaroos and I would […]

The Day of my Gastric Bypass Surgery-After the Surgery

So I woke up in my room about three hours after surgery I barely remember seeing my family around me, it is the lovely effects of the anesthesia you are given during surgery. My actual surgery was at 8:30 am and I first opened my eyes around 11:30 am that I remember, and I spent […]

The Day of my Gastric Bypass Surgery-Prior to Surgery

So I finally had surgery YEAH! And everything went exactly as planned, and thank goodness between my support group friends and all my studying over the last eight months there were no surprises and I knew exactly what to expect. So as I go over what to expect please keep in mind each Doctor and […]

Dejavu moment that had me in tears

So I am sure if you know me I talk about loving weight loss shows for the simple fact that it gives you hope that someday you will be one of those weight loss success stories. Well today I introduced my friend to one of my favorite shows called Extreme Weight Loss with Chris and […]

Gymtimidation and how I got over it

Ok you might be reading this and going huh? Gymtimidation what is that? Well it is a real thing and it basically means that you are nervous or scared to walk into a gym and actually sign up for a membership let alone go and actually work out. Alot of people especially overweight people like […]

The reality of Gastric Bypass Surgery

I was cleaning my kitchen this morning and tucked away in the corner is all of  my vitamins I bought last month to get me ready for surgery. This made me think of all the people and comments I receive of “Aren’t you taking the easy way out with surgery?” So I thought I would […]

Liquid diet fun is about to begin

It is that time of the month again, where I get to start my liquid diet again. Does this feel like dejavu to anyone besides me lol If you remember last month I was on a liquid diet for five days including Father’s day until my surgery was postponed. So the good news is I […]

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