Tuscan Pork Roast ~ WEIGHT WATCHERS

Juggling Your Life, When It Becomes To Much

It is fall and it is getting dark when you get off work, it is dark when you go to work and it can be hard to find time for eating healthy and exercising and everything else that goes on in your life. If you are like me it never seems to be enough hours […]

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

Who doesn’t love those fried taco bowls? ME I will admit it but this is a healthy alternative to adding fried food items to your diet with these healthy version of tacos. Still gives you the taste of tacos but substitutes hamburger for a leaner version with ground turkey and instead of a fried taco […]

Weight Watchers Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

You know it is Fall time when everyone is getting back into making soups and chillis. The best part about soups and chillis is they warm you up after a chilly day and they are usually quick to make and healthy dinner option for you. This is a weight watchers version that is not only […]

Getting Back to Basics, and Making NO Apologies

So this week with a little help from a new friend I decided it was time to get back to the basics, and I know that this works for my new body. Meaning going back to high protein diet, working out all those healthy choices that had gone by the way side due to meeting […]

Veggie Pizza Recipe

As many of you I am constantly trying to find healthy recipes that are also delicious and quick. So I decided on a veggie pizza full of spices and flavor. Took me around 15 minutes for preparation from chopping veggies to putting together and then another 25 minutes to cook. The best part of this […]

Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

So as many of you know I work very long hours so when I come across a great crockpot recipe that is tasty and not fattening I will jump on it! So this is a great hearty easy recipe of Chicken and Dumplings that I have tweaked. Just perfect for a chilly fall night to […]

Fall In Love With Fitness

So it is now fall and it is time to get back on the fitness roll and back to working out and getting to the gym, but with it getting darker out and getting chilly out it sometimes can be hard. Think about it we go to work when it is dark out and get […]

Zucchini and carrot “fries”

If you like something crunchy and flavorful when you snack and if you are a big french fry person these are a wonderful and healthy alternative. Not only are they low in calories and good for you, you won’t feel guilty after eating these!

Chicken Ranch Pizza!!

In my personal opinion there are not many things that are better than Pizza with that warm gooey cheese and crunchy crust. Ok maybe a low calorie version enjoy this Chicken Ranch Pizza Recipe!!

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