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BeJune Challenge |

@BESociety October 2014 Blogging Challenge Day 2 #BEoctchallenge2014

2. Your favourite way to decorate for fall. Normally I love to decorate for fall but this year between work and my cruise really havent had time lol I have a fall wreath and welcome mat on my front porch and a few fall baskets on my kitchen counter top but […]

@BESociety October 2014 Blogging Challenge Day 1

1. What is your favourite fall scent? So my absolute favorite scent by far is Cinnamon I love to eat anything with cinnamon and I love for my house to smell like cinnamon! I know alot of my friends prefer Pumpkin but give me cinnamon any day! Visit all the bloggers   1.  Teresa @Snapshots […]

#‎BEseptchallenge2014-Day 11

#BEseptchallenge2014, #BEsociety Today’s Question: 11. 9/11 where or what were you doing when the news broke all those years ago? So on this day I was running a licensed home daycare and my parents were in the process of dropping of kids at the time. When I saw on the Today Show that the first […]

#‎BEseptchallenge2014-Day 1

#BEseptchallenge2014, #BEsociety Today’s Question: 1. It’s the start of a new month, what do you hope to achieve by the end of the month? Well as many people know I had Gastric Bypass last month so my hope is to loose more weight before I go on my cruise on Sept 20th it sucks having […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 14 @BEaugchallenge14

14. Your favorite picture of yourself This is easy I took a photo on Sunday right before church and it was the first photo that I actually saw the weight loss in my face and curves I don’t think I have had since high school returning! This is an exciting time to see all the […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 13 @BEaugchallenge14

13. Show us your favorite Vacation Spot Puerto Vallarta Visit all the bloggers 1.  Fee @ Feeisms.com   6.  Lauren Paints | a beautiful life   11.  K is for Kechell     2.  Angie @ Bypass Princess   7.  Charity @ Love, Music, & Magic   12.  Lainie @ Me, Myself & Baby I     3.  April @ Faith […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 12 @BEaugchallenge14

12. How has having a website and being involved in an online community (like BE) helped your blog? Well first off I love the monthly be challenges it helps to keep our blog fresh with new content and sometimes the questions really make you dig a little deeper. It also helps to showcase the human […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 11 @BEaugchallenge14

11.What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for? I have always said I just want to make a diffrence in the lives of others, if my blog touches someone and they say “Hey I can so relate” or “I need help too” then I will […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 9 @BEaugchallenge14

9. How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself. To be honest clothes have never been important to me for one reason, as a plus size person they do not make cute and attractive clothes for us. I swear […]

BEAUGUSTCHALLENGE- Day 8 @BEaugchallenge14

8. What inspired you to create your blog. what continues to inspire you?   I think I have discussed this before but when I decided to start on my journey I knew that in the past I would start diet fads and in a few days or months I would always quit. So this time […]

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