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Angie's Bucket List |

Angie’s Bucket List

Bucket List Picture This is my list of things I want to accoplish along the way of me losing all my weight and getting healthy and if I do something I will mark it off my list! I will continue to add to my bucket list and things come up

  1. 1. Go to the Zoo and actually walk it and enjoy it-DONE AND COMPLETED
  2. 2. Ride a roller coaster
  3. 2. Ride a go cart
  4. Ride in an airplane
  5. Go to a Cardinal Game
  6. Go to Chicago (With my girls)
  7. Find a GOOD man
  8. Sit in a booth at a restaurant
  9. Running up a flight of stairs
  10. Crossing my legs (WHooo Hooo)
  11. Wearing some cute high heels
  12. Do Yoga
  13. Do Pilates
  14. Run I would love to be able to run
  15. Go for a Motorcycle Ride
  16. Wearing a short skirt
  17. Go to New Bar PBR in downtown and feeling confident
  18. Get a pair of cowgirl boots OH YEAH!!!

body-do-anything-400x400 So I am working on two new buckets right now they are my Summer bucket list and this is my Fitness bucket lists! They may have a few of the same things on them and that is OK. Have you thought about making your own bucket list so that you can challenge yourself to push yourself a little  bit farther out of your comfort zone. If you decide to make a bucket list be sure to share it and comment here so I can visit your bucket list

  1. Attend a Yoga Class and finish a full hour
  2. Attend and finish a Spin class
  3. Try a Spin Class
  4. Try a Yoga Class
  5. Attend a Pilates Class
  6. Run a Mile on a treadmill
  7. Run a Mile outdoors
  8. Try a  Kickboxing Class
  9. Go for a Bike ride for at least a mile
  10. Try a Bootcamp class at 5:30 am
  11. Do TWO 5K’s in a month
  12. Hike on a trail
  13. Try Couch to 5K training program
  14. MORE TO COME………………………..

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