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Big Life Changes-New Home |

Big Life Changes-New Home

My New Home

My New Home

So sorry I have not written in awhile as with anyone life can get in the way! Well lots of big news happening and I wanted to share it with everyone. As most of my readers know my new hubby is a truck driver. About 6 months ago we were approached by his boss and asked if I would be interested in becoming a truck driver too, and we could drive together as a team on the same truck. Now let’s be honest, I am a girly girl. So at first I laughed.

Then Larry and I sat down and looked at all the aspects. Financially I would double or triple our income that is huge plus. On the down side that is alot of togetherness that could ruin a relationship or make is stronger. Finally we decided it was too good of a chance for our future and a great way to build up our retirement that we could not say no. Next time was telling our daughters.

I’d like to say that conversation went well, but it didn’t. They had the same concerns. We had just become a family, our blended family of our daughters are very very close and they did not want something to happen to us to break up our new family. Same concerns we had trust me. So after getting our kids blessing I enbarked on a super long journey of five months to get my CDL license.

I am pleased to say I finally got my license this Saturday!!! Yeah so that means I will be hopping on a truck with my husband as a truck driver in about two weeks talk about a whole new way of life. It is both scary and daunting to say the very least. But one thing you will understand in my next article, it took me five months to get my license because I had alot of obstacles and troubles. But I never ever gave up no many how many times I was told to so by my instructors.

So be watching my blog as I show you how we are going to be making adjustments to our lives so that I am dependent on eating unhealthy truck stop food and how my new scary but fun journey is going go!

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