I’ve Come So Far—-A Celebration of Me

14054933_10208480455743180_3276777501570533130_n Sometimes looking over my journey over the last three years still brings tears to my eyes! One of the things I can honestly say is boy have I come so far. Only three years ago I made the decision to change my life forever and have gastric bypass surgery and start LIVING my life for the first time in my life.

No longer was I going to let other people live my life for me, I was going to get healthy and starting living a HAPPY LIFE. Not only did this change in lifestyle improve my life, but it provided a much better Mom for my girls. A Mom who could actually do things with them and with my now grandchildren without being held back because I couldn’t walk or keep up.

Sometimes looking at old photos really brings back the tears on hard this journey was but not only how hard it was but also how rewarding it has been. I now am married to the love of my life and living a happy life!

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Single Mom of two girls on a journey to get healthy by losing weight and learning to love herself again!

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