Relationships after Gastric Bypass and the Pitfalls

16730564_10210008240096834_5407923242347075645_n So as most of you know I am madly in love with my new husband or as my kids say “mushly” in love with him. It’s true we are very mushy, we hold hands and kiss all the time we don’t care who is around. The best way I can describe it is, feels like we are in our twenties and starting over after both of us having difficult relationships in the past. Feels like a fresh and happy fresh start for us both. But the hardest thing I am still learning to deal with is being someone whom does have to worry about what the eat, and trying to combine our lives.

My husband LOVES loves buffets and food in general, I honestly think he has a food obsession at times. So imagine trying to blend our lives together where I need to be mindful of what I eat so that I don’t start gaining all my weight back again. This has been a honest struggle in our relationship. We can go to a buffet and I will eat half a plate of food or less and be done in 20 minutes or so where as my husband can sit at a buffet literally sometimes for hours on end. This has proven to be a huge struggle for us, and due to this and the fact that I am married and now working full time and not going to the gym like I should be I have gained the dreaded “Marriage 25 pounds” they always talk about. This has been a shocking wake up call for me, and now I need to get my butt back on track.

The hard part with was having a honest conversation with my husband and letting him know how disappointed in myself I had become that I had allowed myself to gain the 25 pounds back. So now comes the learning curve of blending our lives together and also including healthier options and more exercise back into our marriage so we can encourage ourselves to eat healthier and workout together. So those of you whom have had weight loss surgery I am asking for your advice on how do you blend your restrictions on your eating and exercising into your married life. Post your suggestions below in the comments sections cannot wait for the advice!

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