High Protein Snack Ideas-Healthy and EASY

images I am always looking for great healthy snacks to include in my meal planning for work, especially when I am gone for 10 hours a day I need great easy to grab and healthy snack options. These are easy snack ideas you can prepare on Sunday to get ready for the week and then you are less tempted to grab for something unhealthy when these great snacks are ready to go!

  • Ham and Cheese roll ups! Could not be any easier take lean ham and low fat cheese slice and wrap them up and put into ziploc bags! To jazz them up you can even include some pickle slices and low calorie mustard.
  • My favorite JIFF on the go containers and you can mix with either celery stalks or apple slices or raisins.
  • Greek Yogurt nothing is a easier way to get your protein then greek yogurt. To keep expenses it tends to be cheaper to buy large container of plain vanilla yogurt and mix in fresh fruit into individual containers.
  • Humus is a great source of protein you can pair this with celery sticks or carrots or a low calorie wheat crackers.
  • 1 can of tuna with diced fresh tomatoes and either greek yogurt or low fat mayo.
  • hard boiled eggs I eat at least two of these day I will make up several days worth and put them in ziploc bags for the week. They fill you up and are low calorie and full of protein.
  • Almonds are a great healthy source of protein and out of all nuts they are the lowest in fat, grab a handful for a great snack that won’t weigh you down
  • Shrimp is an amazing source of protein, keeping some cocktail sauce and some shrimp on hand is a quick and easy way to get a BIG boost in your protein for the day.
  • Low sodium and low sugar turkey jerky is an amazing source of protein and a great way to fill you up and get you going throughout the day.

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