Getting Food Stuck After Gastric Bypass Surgery

index I am sure we have all been in this uncomfortable and at times painful situation. You are out with family or friends and all of sudden you realize you cannot swallow that last bite of food because you just felt that sharp pain in your stomach and you realize you have food stuck. This is a awful feeling that for me gives me the sweats and I feel shaky and just plain and simple feel awful.

The most comfortable reason this happens is that you have either not chewed up your food properly or worse you are eating way to fast. The end result is getting food stuck and not knowing what to do to make yourself feel better. Remember when you are eating that the new connection that goes between your new pouch and your small intestines is very small therefore it is really easy for food to become lodged or jammed or stuck. So now that you feel awful what can you do to help elevate this nasty situation?

  • First and foremost STOP EATING Immediately!
  • Try to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom or just getting up and walking around can really help. Moving and walking can not only take you mind off the pain and uncomfortable feeling but it can also help to get that food moving and unstuck.
  • Try sipping water or hot herbal tea, the optimum word is sipping because if you drink as normal or gulp you will only make your current situation so much worse.
  • Another great idea a nutritionist told me was to try to chew a Papaya pill the chew-able ones these can help elevate any pain and discomfort from food that gets stuck.
  • Do NOT let the pain and discomfort go for more than 2 hours or so if the pain continues rather than ignoring it it is best that you call your Doctor.

Next time you are at a meal with family and or friends just remember to enjoy the conversation, join in the conversation as this will slow down your eating, and remember that you do not need to keep up with everyone else eat your food slowly and chew properly.

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