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Being Compassionate For The Obese |

Being Compassionate for the Obese

obesity_pic_1447346649987_472861_ver1-0 Tonight I had to run a few errands while my hubby slept and one of my errands was running into Walgreens to grab a few items. As I was in the pet aisle getting some cat food for our newest addition to our family I saw an obese woman probably my age struggling in the Christmas aisle.

As she was standing there looking over the Christmas stuff I noticed she was sweating, breathing heavy and she was doing my old trick of holding onto the shelves for stability as her back was killing her from standing. I think too often my life has changed so drastically that I tend to forget those days, and seeing someone like this is a good stark reminder of where I was and where I gone too.

As I watched her, my heart was just weeping for her, knowing her pain and suffering she was going through. Slowly I managed my way over as I too wanted to take a peek at the items as I still needed to do some Christmas shopping for my grand-kids. When I got closer she smiled at me, and I said hello and told her can you believe it’s time for Christmas already. She went onto explain to me that she was not sure what to get her kids, and that they probably wouldn’t be coming home this year anyway. My heart sank even more as we are so blessed with all of our daughters but one and our grand-kids living so close to us. I knew that this year would be another wonderful year surrounded by our daughters and son in laws and grand-kids.

As we made general chit chat I talked to her about Amazon can be your best friend during the holidays especially if the kids live far away with the free shipping. Then I mentioned I had to go the food aisle and get some healthy snacks for work, so that I wasn’t tempted by the vending machines lol. That is when she said yeah it is so hard with the holidays around the corner, that is when I shared with her that I had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago and still dealt with the same issues. Then I took out my phone to show her my before and after photos, she was amazed. After talking a little bit longer she told me she always interested in weight loss surgery but never knew anyone who had it before and had so many questions. Then I shared my facebook profile and told her to add me and I would be happy to share my blog, and be there to answer any questions she had and that I would be happy to introduce her to my surgeon’s office that they were amazing.

The light in her eyes when we left our conversation was amazing, she looked like she had a weight lifted off her her shoulders and there is light at the end of tunnel and hope out there for us. Having compassion for the obese is something alot of people lack, but is a good reminder for those of us whom have lost the weight. To really remember where we were and the pain and suffering we went through, and that we can be an inspiration for others.


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