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Losing Your Regain Attitude |

Losing Your Regain Attitude


One of the traps you might fall into after weight loss surgery is having a bit of weight gain, but how you handle that weight gain will determine if you succeed or fail. So many of the people whom are the similar boat as me and had some weight gain tend to dwell in the negative, instead of looking that this is not permanent and you can do something about this.

Ive heard people in several groups I am in complain about how their clothes no longer fit them well, they feel ugly, they can’t stand to look in the mirror and so on. But the truth is doing something as simple as getting a hair cut, or hair color, or makeup or maybe a new outfit to help boost your self esteem back will make a major difference. Even though you may have had some weight gain you are still so much better than you were, and this is not permanent you can work on it and get back to where you are happy.

Instead of looking at the lowest weight you were, look at how far you have come and how much weight you have loss. Then come up with a plan to get back on track and back to a happy and healthy weight for you. You need to remain greatful and proud of yourself for how far you have come and not beat yourself up for a bit of a weight gain. By keeping positive and working towards getting back on track you will have a more successful journey than constantly beating yourself up.

During the first year after weight loss surgery we are in our honeymoon period and everything looks amazing and rosy, but then real life starts to creep back in. It is natural and it is human, don’t beat yourself up for it. Remember when you couldnt walk around the block without your back hurting and being out of breath, or not being able to tie your own shoes and having to buy slip on shoes, or how about only being able to buy clothes online because you were too big. You are not there so stop taking for granted all the accomplishments you have made thus far.



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