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Juggling Your Life, When It Becomes To Much |

Juggling Your Life, When It Becomes To Much

th It is fall and it is getting dark when you get off work, it is dark when you go to work and it can be hard to find time for eating healthy and exercising and everything else that goes on in your life. If you are like me it never seems to be enough hours in the day. Luckily I do not have small kids at home, but still I find myself in the viscous juggling act of trying to have enough time for my family, my husband and myself.

Are you like me and feel like how do I get everything done in my day and still remember to focus on ME and my health? That is what I am dealing with right now. I am not where I want to be, I would like to be 30 pounds lighter to not only feel better but to get to a healthy happy weight.

But then the juggling act comes into play the juggling of trying to get enough steps in the day on my fitbit to show that I am actually getting my exercise in which is hard when you work from your desk all day. Trying to make sure that when I get home from work I am not just eating because I am starving and then choosing unhealthy options, and making sure I still have time for my hubby and friends and family. So I thought I would share some recent changes I have been making to my make my juggling act a little bit easier.

When I am work and on the phone (I use a headset that is attached to my computer) I am now finding myself walking in place when I do not need to be on my keyboard. This is a assuring that I am still getting some movement and steps in without sitting sedentary in my chair all day. Walking on my breaks and lunches, the nice thing about where I work at is that I could use my lunch time to get stuff done such as walking, then I can I bring my lunch to my desk to eat. By doing this it allows me to get some walking time which really helps to wake me up and make me not feel so yucky in the afternoon.

Prepping my meals ahead of time, I have found it is so hard to run out and get lunch for me as the traffic where I work is awful so then I am forced to choose fast food or unhealthy food choices. By prepping my food ahead of time I do not have to leave work and can use that time to walk around my work and warehouse to get my steps in and it assures that I will not be choosing unhealthy options. Crockpot is my friend, one of the things I hated was getting home from work and picking up something fast on the way home for dinner because Larry sleeps throughout the day and by the time I get off I am exhausted. So by setting my crockpot with a healthy dinner before I head out the door in the morning, I am assuring myself a healthy dinner I will not feel guilty about.

What are some things you do to help keep yourself on track? Leave your ideas in our comments section.

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