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Getting Back To Basics, And Making NO Apologies |

Getting Back to Basics, and Making NO Apologies

th So this week with a little help from a new friend I decided it was time to get back to the basics, and I know that this works for my new body. Meaning going back to high protein diet, working out all those healthy choices that had gone by the way side due to meeting Larry and falling in love and planning a wedding! I was just not feeling good about myself anymore and my body and in turn had gained twenty pounds.

So I decided to start pushing my protein by having protein shakes and bars on hand at work so I am not tempted to go out and grab unhealthy foods or go and grab unhealthy snacks. Then also really started pushing my walking during work by walking during my breaks and lunches since I have to sit at a desk so much and this really helped me feel so much better about myself.

But by doing this and posting this on my Facebook page I had a person who of course critized my decision to go back to protein shakes and made a comment about you are suppose to be eating clean and healthy. The thing is there is NO reason to ever ridicule or make someone feel bad for doing something healthy for their body and lifestyle. And the ironic thing of this is the person whom made the comment was also a weight loss surgery person and she has now gone in the opposite direction of starving herself and looking anorexic. So to say that comment pissed me off is a understatement. Bottom line if you are making healthy choices for YOURSELF do not let anyone try to bully you or make YOU feel bad about your decisions. It is those people whom you will need to eventually cut out of your life, you do not need negativity in your life!



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